Costs Papas’ cousin protects $720,000 in payments from declared scammer

The cousin of supposed scammer Costs Papas has actually safeguarded getting $720,000 from the vibrant soccer identity’s share trading account in breach of freezing orders, stating the transfers were to pay legal charges and loan repayments. Eric Constantinidis,

Mr Papas’s cousin and the boy of Paul Keating’s previous piggery company partner Achilles Big Al Constantinidis, was called as an offender in the civil case brought by Westpac versus Mr Papas and his company after liquidators observed cash had actually been moved from Mr Papas’trading account to his cousin. Westpac and 2 other lending institutions, Sumitomo and Societe General, have actually implicated Mr Papas

and Online forum of managing a$500 million scams on the banks by creating the signatures of executives at the banks ‘blue-chip customers on loan files. Mr Papas left to Greece and with his attorneys and the court. Mr Constantinidis is not implicated of having any understanding or participation in the supposed scams. His business was the effective buyer of a little part of the broader Online forum group from administrators. The uncommon trading activity in Mr Papas’s account, which held millions in shares in Australian and United States business, by The Age and Sydney Early morning Herald last year. The court provided an arrest warrant for Mr Papas late in 2015 after Westpac raised its issues that Mr Papas had actually breached freezing orders by making the transfers. Westpac has actually declared that Mr Constantinidis

accepted transfers from Mr Papas in spite of understanding his cousin underwent freezing orders over his properties, indicating the huge quantity of press protection of the case considering that it was released by Westpac on June 28. The court put freezing orders over Mr Papas’possessions in Australia on June 28. The transfers in between Mr Papas’share trading account and Mr Constantinidis occurred on July 1 and July 6, according to court documents. In brand-new files provided by the court on Friday, Mr Constantinidis confessed he got 2 payments-one for$150,000 and another for$570,000-from Mr Papas’share trading account however stated he was uninformed at the time of the accusations versus Mr Papas. [Mr Constantinidis]

was uninformed of the freezing orders versus Mr Papas or of any of the claims in these procedures, the court files from his legal representatives say. The payment of $150,000 . . . was a repayment of 2 payments made by [Mr Constantinidis] on Mr Papas’

behalf on July 1. Those payments were a payment of $90,000 to Panetta Attorney and a payment of $60,000 to Fortis Law. After getting the payment of$570,000 . . . Mr Papas asked [

Mr Constantinidis] to make a payment of $100,000 to Panetta Attorney and to keep the balance as a partial payment of quantities otherwise owing to [Mr Constantinidis] Mr Papas is no longer represented by Panetta Law or Fortis Law. The case continues.

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