Delighting brand-new dance group provides gems … and some scrap


And Now We Proceed, Task Animo ★ ★ 1/2 Play house,

up until January 16

New Melbourne-based modern dance business Task Animo is a welcome endeavor since it boasts an ensemble of knowledgeable dancers who have actually all carried out at the extremely greatest level. Their very first program, including 5 specifically commissioned brief works, is however a bit underwhelming. And yet there are at least 2 unmistakeable gems next to the junk. The initially is a solo developed by previous Bangarra

dancer Deborah Brown for Madeleine Eastoe, set to a roiling push-and-pull piano piece by George Bokaris. With its damaged eddies of motion, its minutes of peaceful shivering, it reveals us the intimacies of the bed room opening onto the vastness of the ocean. The other standout piece– likewise a solo– is by accomplished theatre maker Kristina Chan, carried out by Chimene Steele-Prior with a climatic soundscape by James Brown. This joyous video game of hide-and-seek-and-transformation, situated on the edge of a dreamland overload, impresses with a meditative

rhythm and innovative structure of the phase space. Two brief ensemble pieces produced by Cass Mortimer-Eipper and Izzac Carroll might both, alas, have actually been even shorter. The longest product is by business co-founder Alice Topp, a

series of ballet-inflected lyrical duets and trios highlighting a compressed journey from innocence to experience. It’s based upon individual stories however has a distanced quality. It recommends, with its smoke and shadows, previous enthusiasms snuffed out in the gulf of memory. An excess of gymnastic lifts exposes a creaky gender system: guys supporting and controling ladies who are otherwise displayed. It’s a good idea to develop fresh work for retired ballet dancers however not just to run them through the usual hoops, the usual tricks. Creating live efficiency is fiendishly tough at this minute, so allowances need to be made, however all the very same this night just periodically recommends the adventure of a brand-new adventure. A cultural guide to heading out and caring your city.

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