From Paul Hogan to Cate Blanchett: development of the Australian accent

The Australian accent is a curious monster that is continuously evolving. Depending on where you originate from you may state excellent day instead of g’day, pronounce the Melbourne Bayside residential area of Brighton in a different way to your neighbour, and even argue over the pronunciation of words like plant and dance. From the advancement of our accent, stemmed from the early inhabitants who showed up as convicts from all over the UK, to more current impacts from America, the Pacific Islands and even text messaging, you may not believe you have an Australian accent, however you definitely do. Whether it’s Paul Hogan’s thick’strayan or Cate Blanchett’s classy, refined dialect, the development of how we speak is fascinating. Today on Please Discuss, senior culture author Karl Quinn signs up with Nathanael Cooper to find more about the Aussie accent.

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