Hair-raising minutes in astronomy

I see that Jupiter is lined up with Mars (C8) at the minute, states Geoff Gilligan of Coogee. Could this be the dawning of the Age of Aquarius? Should I go out my old flared denims and tie-dyed T-singlets? Richard Stewart of Pearl Beach questions if we’re headed for a period where peace will direct the world and love will guide the stars and asks if anybody remembers the period of the musical where the entire cast was naked. Ah, memory. Colin Taylor-Evans ofLane Cove has some suggestions for 10-year-old Rachael, pointed out last month as the future recipient of a 1985 Toyota Starlet, presently in the care of her grandpa, John Ure (C8 ). Rachael will turn 13 the year her car-in-waiting turns 30. I recommend she makes an application for associate subscription of her regional lover vehicle club, accommodating the manual chauffeurs of Mount Hutton. Her 30-year-old Toyota will then be qualified for Conditional Historical Automobile Registration, significantly decreased rego costs and insurance coverage, though restricted to 60 days each year of use. Do not wish to wear that clutch! Currently holidaying in Tasmania, I was amazed that many Tasmanians grieve their dead lawn to the point where they have actually developed lots of yard cemeteries, notes Peter Miniutti of Ashbury. Sorry, Norma Brown(C8)however the kookaburra ain’t singular. Mark Fuller of Armidale is fortunate enough to have a big household of kookaburras on my little(15 acres)residential or commercial property. I have actually seen 7 together, which is excellent as they are fantastic for keeping snakes down. Corinne Johnston of Gymea Bay includes: Nobody has actually informed our group of 3 kookaburras that they are singular, nor the ‘riot ‘of about 15-20 circling our big ironbark tree recently, like something Hitchcock created. Relating to the cumulative noun element, Patrick McMahon of Paddington asks: Keep in mind Monty Python creating ‘a flange’as the group name for gorillas. Individuals thought it and I believe it’s still utilized.

Margaret Grove of Abbotsford composes: Michael Morton-Evans( C8 ), the name Hyphen still has 2 syllables. While not totally right, Dash would be much shorter. Certainly, Charles Davies-Scourfield of Culburra Beach states: My

prep school name was Dash. My grandpa was triple barrelled with maybe the longest name, Saunders-Davies-Scourfield, however carefully minimized it. My very first policy as a Column 8 prospect (C8)would be to instantly disendorse anybody who declared’ John’ Hopkins University as their university, assures Kevin Harris of Beecroft. [email protected] com. au! . ? . ! No accessories, please. Consist of name, residential area and daytime phone

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