‘I do not comprehend’: What Djokovic informed Border Force at the airport

Novak Djokovic’s treatment when he showed up in Australia ended up being . Late on Monday, the court launched a complete records of his discussions with Border Force personnel in official interviews. Below is an abridged variation of that transcript. Across 7 interviews

extending through the early hours of Thursday early morning it reveals what he was informed and his installing confusion about how he might be in this situation. Interview # 1, Time started 12. 21 am, January 6: Are you vaccinated? INTERVIEWER: Thank you

. So when I ask you what were your factors for taking a trip to Australia today? DJOKOVIC: I’m an expert tennis gamer and the primary factor for me concerning Australia is taking part in the Australian Open in Melbourne, Victoria. INTERVIEWER: Thank you. Now concern concerning your vaccination, are you immunized for COVID-19? Not vaccinated? DJOKOVIC: I am not vaccinated. INTERVIEWER: Thank you. Have you ever had COVID? DJOKOVIC: Yes. I had actually COVID two times, I had actually COVID in June 2020 and I had actually COVID just recently in– I was checked

favorable– PCR– 16th of December 2021. DJOKOVIC: I have the files also to verify that if you desire I can supply RECRUITER

: Thank you.

I’ll simply make a copy of those documents. Interview # 2, Time started 12. 35 am

, January 6: Who did the visa application? INTERVIEWER: So for the medical exemption which you got, did you supply some type of documents? DJOKOVIC: Yes, we did supply documents. INTERVIEWER: So are you conscious what sort of files were provided? DJOKOVIC:Well I have, I do not have actually the files printed out with me, however I have, I can look fordigitally, we did send out an e-mail to independent medical panel that was picked by the Federal

Australian Federal government to evaluate the demands medical exemption demands that we have sent. INTERVIEWER:

So it was chosen by Federal Government? DJOKOVIC: Yes. As it was given my attention there was 2 medical panels one was the Federal one and the other

one was I believe associated to the Victorian state and Tennis Australia. And I may be incorrect for the 2nd one, I apologise if I am, however I understand that there is a medical panel

, Federal government for sure, the 2nd one I believe it’s a mix in between the Victorian Federal Government and Tennis Australia, not 100 percent sure however I can check. INTERVIEWER: Yeah no that’s fine. So have you got some type of paperwork DJOKOVIC: Yes. This is the visa that has actually been approved. That’s the letter from Tennis Australia. INTERVIEWER: Ok, so

this letter here, medical exemption basically discusses an evaluation panel from, by Tennis Australia, it does not discuss Federal government? However you make sure definitely. DJOKOVIC: Yes, the procedure was, yes, the procedure there was 2 indepen . . . 2 medical panels there was one that was associated with the federal government for sure. And I in fact got the e-mails from them with authorization. I have an e-mail, in fact my representative has the e-mail, so I imply I can ask to digitally supply it to you by means of e-mail if you desire if you require that extra info, due to the fact that they, they informedme that this would suffice for the review. INTERVIEWER: Ok. Yeah no no that’s fine, so in case we require it, yeah absolutely I’ll let you understand however not, not at the minute. We must have these files, in case we do not have these files, certainly we need to have these files Interview # 3, Time started 12. 46 am, January 6: Australia is governed by the federal government? DJOKOVIC: Considering that I am taking part in Tennis Australian, Australian Open that is run by Tennis Australia,my interaction was straight to them since that’s what treatment that has actually been, that I have actually been presented to, that they have actually notified me that this is the method to do it. And so I have actually supplied all my

PCR, favorable, unfavorable tests, my antibodies to them and some extra info and after that they have actually sent it to even more to the Victorian independent medical panel, Victorian state federal government, independent medical panel. And they have actually examined it with their own Tennis Australian medical panel and the Victorian state, so then, as an outcome of that I was given to have, to gain access to Australia with a medical exemption approval. That’s the entire story generally. And I am examining if there is anything else in concerns to the federal government, federal government, however as I had actually comprehended from previously, the Victorian state federal government requires to authorize. So, they require to authorize, it’s it’s was generally not up to Federal government when it pertains to my approved access to Melbourne and to Victoria. INTERVIEWER: That’s definitely great, however the important things resembles you [inaudible] pertained to Australia and it is practically governed by federal government. DJOKOVIC: Alright. Ok so. No we did not get any e-mails from the federal government. This is what we received from the Australian Open gamer medical group, since they are the organisers of the occasion, so this is what we got. Interview # 4, Time started 3. 55 am, January 6: You’re cancelling my visa? INTERVIEWER: Now, Novak based upon the info you have actually supplied us . . . I am simply going to release you a notification of intent to think about

cancellation of your visa. So I’m simply going to read out all the information. DJOKOVIC: I do not comprehend, you’re cancelling my visa, or? INTERVEWER: This is a notification of intent to think about cancellation under s 116 of the Migration Act 1958. So as soon as I serve this notification to you. I will offer you like, you understand, 20 minutes-or whatever if you require more time you can ask for that-and you require to offer us reasons we should not cancel the visa. DJOKOVIC: I suggest, I am actually stopping working to comprehend what else do you desire me to offer to you. I have actually offered all the files that Tennis Australia and Victorian federal governmenthas actually asked me to perform in the last three/four weeks, this is what we have actually been doing. My representative and I have actually remained in a continuous interaction through my representative with Tennis Australia and Victorian state federal government,the medical panel. Whatever they asked us to do– this is their set of guidelines that they have actually supplied so they have actually enabled to have the medical exemption for the COVID vaccination. I used, they authorized, I simply actually do not understand what else do you desire me to say. What– I simply– I have absolutely nothing else– I showed up here due to the fact that

of these files otherwise I would not have actually been enabled to come in. I simply actually do not comprehend what is the factor you do not enable me to enter your nation– simply I imply, I have been waiting 4 hours and I still stop working to, to comprehendwhat’s the primary factor– like– absence of what documents?

Absence of what details do you require? Or? INTERVIEWER: I need to go through this procedure and after that the description you have actually offered me, I suggest, you can provide it to me after the timeframe which we provide you. The 20 minutes we need to offer you. DJOKOVIC: So you’re providing me lawfully 20 minutes to attempt to offer extra info that I do n’t have? At 4 o’clock in the early morning? I imply you type of put me in a really uncomfortable position where at 4 in the early morning I can’t call director of Tennis Australia, I can’t engage with any person from the Victorian state federal government through Tennis Australia. I simply you put me in a really uneasy position. I do not understand what else can I inform you. I indicate whatever that they, I was asked to do is here. And I would not be here being in front of you if I if I wasn’t complying to all the guidelines and policies set by your federal government. I imply to me it is a bit stunning that you are going to provide me the notification to cancel my visa based upon what? You’re offering me 20 minutes to do what? I inform you immediately I have absolutely nothing else to inform you. If you can, we await 8 in the early morning and after that I can call Tennis Australia and after that we can attempt and figure this out. However ideal now? They’re all drowsy, I do not understand. I indicate I simply reached 1am, I do not understand what else I can do at this minute. It simply does not make any sense. I suggest I have actually done whatever I potentially can. Today I can call my representative. You informed me not to utilize my

phone, so I’m not interacting with any person, nobody understands what’s going on. INTERVIEWER: Yep ok, so do you believe this is not the correct time to take part in the interview? And you would

be taking part in an interview at a later stage? DJOKOVIC: I actually require to comprehend from you since you have actually been offering me really unclear responses, or actually no responses at all, for the last 4 hours. Now you are returning with the factor to consider to cancel my visa the intent to think about to cancel, which I do not actually comprehend what it means. Interview # 4 continues,’Previous infection’not a medical contraindication RECRUITER: Previous infection with COVID-19 is ruled out a medical contraindication for COVID-19 vaccination in Australia. DJOKOVIC:

What I indicate that’s that’s sorry to disrupt however that’s not real. I imply this is what the independent medical panel of Victorian state federal government has actually mentioned clearly that if you have actually recuperated or if you had the favorable test of coronavirus and unfavorable test of coronavirus in the last 6 months and you have an enough quantity of antibodies, you’re thought about to be part of the procedure of getting a medical exemption. That’s how I got it. I imply I interacted straight with the Victorian state federal government, that’s never real. We straight interacted with them and they asked me to, I in fact needed to return with antibodies, so that’s what, this is, these are the tests that we offered to them. And we have actually emailed that test to, I offered it to you, you, you have actually read it, it’s straight from the Victorian state federal government independent medical panel. INTERVIEWER: So I have actually simply read out this objective notification of objective to think about cancellation under s 116 of the Migration Act 1958. I’m simply going to sign it here. Sign it at 4. 11. If you wish to sign it? DJOKOVIC: Well, I would not wish to sign this file unless I have some responses to my questions. INTERVIEWER: Alright, yes, that’s great– so um. DJOKOVIC: I actually do not comprehend how been available in your system you do not have the details that if you have actually come across Covid and been favorable on Covid in the last 6 months and have the enough

quantity of antibodies and an unfavorable test which I all supplied, you are approved to access the country. I am truly puzzled-since this is what I have actually been obtaining from main Tennis Australia and Victorian federal government medical panels for the last 3 weeks and 4 weeks. I do not understand

actually what to do at 4am. If you permit me to turn on my phone and phone to my representative and attempt and obtain individuals from Tennis Australia. Trigger it’s 4am, certainly everybody is sleeping however this is the only thing I can do today, due to the fact that I truly do not have anything else to supply to you in regards to the paperwork. INTERVIEWER: So, which’s what I have actually been attempting to discuss to you. Like, you understand I imply it’s great if that’s what they have actually stated however pertaining to Australia, like it’s a federal thing. Federal federal government manages the ports. That’s why I provided you chance to see if you can supply me any correspondence which was sent out by Victorian tennis authorities to the federal government. DJOKOVIC: However I can’t supply you that if I have no chance to consult with them? They supplied to the independent panel– independent medical panel of Victorian state federal government– and after that the Victorian state

federal government has actually taken all the documents from us, from the Tennis Australia, from them, and sent it to the federal government, and after that the federal government stated fine, great, gain access to given, take a trip statement, QR code, you are totally free to go. And this is

— otherwise I would not be flying here. There’s definitely no chance I would put myself in a position to come and sit here with you and I-it would certainly– I suggest– concerned my attention, the

attention of my representative or the group of individuals around me that the 6 months COVID policy was not in location. It was definitely in location. And I make certain there is a method to examine that, whether it is with the federal government, or Victorian federal government, whether it’s with Tennis Australia, whatever I can do to offer I will. Due to the fact that I imply I made it all the method

to Australia due to the fact that you understand they all made it really clear and particular to me that I have all the documents that I potentially can offer to you. INTERVIEWER: That’s great, however I require to go through this procedure, therefore, that’s great if you do not wish to sign it, however I will still, I will make a copy of it, I will provide it to you, so I’m simply going to state you’re not going to sign. DJOKOVIC: Okay so can you simply discuss to me whether you will permit me to get more details from through my phone with my agent? INTERVIEWER: So not at this phase, when I round off this or suspend this interview I will return and I will let you know. DJOKOVIC: Okay. INTERVIEWER: Okay. And after that as I stated, if you require more time, like you understand if you believe this is not the correct time to take part in the interview since you are unable to connect with Victorian tennis or the Victorian federal government– DJOKOVIC: Yes RECRUITER: That’s great, we are more than going to offer you, like you understand, I’ll talk to my employers. [Djokovic was admitted

to his phone quickly after this] Interview # 6, Time started 5. 20 am, January 6: You can have till 8. 30 am JOB INTERVIEWER: I have actually currently served you with the notification of intent to think about cancellation and at the minute you require– what you have actually recommended me is that you require rest and as much as 8/8. 30. Which’s when you would have the ability to speak with your lawyer once again and get some more information. DJOKOVIC: Yes. INTERVIEWER: So that’s definitely great, since I have actually spoken with my managers and they’re more than pleased to —

DJOKOVIC: Okay great. INTERVIEWER: for you to have rest. So anymore questions? DJOKOVIC: No more concerns for now. Interview # 7, Time started 6. 07 am, January 6:’I want to postpone’INTERVIEWER 2: So you have actually discussed that you desire, you didn’t wish to continue with the interview now? DJOKOVIC: I want to delay it to 8. 30 if possible, yes. INTERVIEWER 2: Okay look if you– you likewise pointed out previously that you didn’t actually have anything else you might add. DJOKOVIC: However possibly I will have something in a couple of hours [inaudible] INTERVIEWR 2: Ok, if you do not react then a choice may be made based upon the details that’s at hand now. DJOKOVIC: Ok so you wish to decide now? INTERVIEWER 2: Yeah, it’s possible yeah, the choice can be made based upon the info that we currently have, which if you do not react it’s not going to be– DJOKOVIC: Yeah I understand you’re goingto cancel my visa, it’s . . . it’s apparent. However I, um, what does that mean, in regards to, excuse me, in regards to me remaining here and awaiting the attorneys to engage with federal government. Yes I imply since I’m not permitted to go in so I wouldlike simply to wait on this another 2– 3 hours to see whether they can do something, that’s the entire idea. INTERVIEWER 2: Alright. So look, if your visa was cancelled you would not remain here, you would go to a hotel in the city. DJOKOVIC: Oh fine, so I would enter a hotel? INTERVIEWER 2: Yeah, in the city. DJOKOVIC: Okay. INTERVIEWER 2: You would not be remaining here at the airport. DJOKOVIC: However that hotel

, is it like a COVID hotel? Or is it . . . what . . . what is it? INTERVIEWER 2: No, it’s, I do not understand the name of it, it’s simply a location, since like if somebody is declined entry into the nation and presently at the minute we’re not putting them into migration detention centre, so the, I’m thinking the department has actually contracted with the hotel to enable individuals in, you understand, who’s declined entry to the nation to remain at the hotel there. DJOKOVIC: Okay. So does that mean I can take my bags with me or? INTERVIEWER 2: Yes, you can however you most likely would not have complete access to. [A bit over an hour later on Djokovic was officially check out the choice on his visa, collared and driven to the Park Hotel in Carlton where he invested the weekend]

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