I tried naturopathy to see if it could fix my post-COVID fatigue

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Road Test

Feeling listless after a run-in with COVID-19, I visit a naturopath to reboot my energy levels.

The lowdown Entering naturopath Alice’s calming space I immediately soak up her energy. She explains how she treats the body as a whole, rather than just symptoms, using diet and lifestyle measures, alongside nutritional supplementation and herbal medicine, to bring the body back into balance and support its innate capacity to heal itself. After telling Alice about my stress levels and weaknesses, she suggests a program involving diet, stress adaptation and skin-barrier support.

Pain factor I have a bit of a cry, but best to release the tension.

Downtime Sixty minutes.

Results Alice’s diet tips involve eating more Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and kale for liver support, sprinkling cinnamon on my muesli to help stabilise blood sugar, and eating sardines twice a week. She also advises drinking 1½ litres of water a day (using the Gulps app as a reminder) and having one alcohol-free day a week, building up to two. Finally, she suggests box breathing (in for four seconds, hold for four seconds, out for four seconds, hold for four seconds, repeat) and a shot of cold water at the end of my shower.

Where to get it Melbourne: Little Company, , from $250.

Sydney: Fenn, $250.

At home I get a personalised stress tincture (, $55 for 100ml).

Trend: Bright Eye

The eye area is one of the first to show signs of wrinkling as the skin there is the finest on the body. So dedicated eye creams are a necessity as they are thicker formulations, with a higher amount of oil and less water than a facial moisturiser. Check out these newcomers.

Luxe to less:

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A physical barrier cream helps protect skin from environmental aggressors and the latest incarnation of Sisley All Day All Year Essential Anti-Aging Protection (, $530) ticks all the boxes as the perfect unisex all-rounder.

Ask Steph

Why is my hair falling out after having COVID?

Temporary hair shedding, also known as telogen effluvium, is on the rise globally as a result of both post-viral inflammation and elevated stress levels due to COVID-19 restrictions. Try taking a biotin (vitamin B7) supplement and complement that by massaging your scalp daily.

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