In the Herald: January 13, 1939

Adjust or self-destruct: H. G. Wells
Dealing With a Science Congress in Canberra, Mr H. G. Wells stated unless mankind made a magnificent effort of change it might not get away self-destruction as a types. Either we adjust, we set ourselves to discover and arrange our adjustment, or the genus Homo will culminate in an eradicating conqueror, residing in caverns and strongholds without any arts however the arts of war and a collection of homicidal main tricks in the location of science. Holey dollar uncoveredMr. W. E. Evans, of Hartley Vale, discovered an unspoiled holey dollar in among his ploughed fields just recently. It is a 1794 coin of the time of Charles IV of Spain. Initially a Spanish dollar, it was imported to the State at the time of Guv Macquarie, who had the centrepiece( or dump)eliminated to make another coin, valued at 15d. The holey piece was marked by the die with New South Wales on the reverse and 5 Shillings on the obverse. Down and out in Mexico Returning from her world trip on the Ormonde,

Miss Borthwick remembered
her month in Mexico without a visa and travel luggage(her travel luggage had actually been lost in the Los Angeles floods). She was watched when she left her hotel; recommended to leave Mexico City throughout the Labour Day march; heard the Mexican-US oil fields issues from both sides; and listened to a Mexican band play out of tune in Taxco. Typically speaking, Mexico is dry and barren, Miss Borthwick stated.

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