In the Herald: May 10, 1927

An excellent celebration
There might have been numerous pageants at one time or another within the remote limits of the Empire which have actually out-rivalled the other day remains in majesty; there can have been couple of to out-rival it in significance, the Herald suggested on the opening of Parliament Home in Canberra. For the celebration was one to stir the creativity of the dullest mind with its ramifications of what it stood for. Smallpox scare A presumed break out of smallpox amongst the travelers of the Jervis Bay triggered some nervous minutes quickly after leaving London on the outside journey, which was finished the other day. A couple of days into the journey it was rumoured that the illness had actually broken out, and in the interests of health it was chosen to immunize all suspects and possible contacts. It is stated that about 100 individuals were vaccinated. Bushwackers Madame Florita Carrington, an English author checking out the nation,

believes that Australia supplies plentiful scope for the ideal kind of literature. In England your literature has actually offered the impression that Australia is a country of’ bushwhackers,’ which you are uncultured and tacky. On the other hand, I have actually gained from my own observation that Australians are a considerate and extremely great individuals’.

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