In the Herald: May 12, 1864

The piscivorous people
On Friday last, a particular phenomenon in the piscatory line was observed from the coasts surrounding Prosser’s Bay (Tas). Throughout the entire of the day the bay in concern, and as far as the eye might see, was gotten into by varieties of cetaceans, carefully and fiercely pursued by the piscivorous people typically called killers. So identified were the pursuers that great deals of the pursued ran ashore. Balmain open night The members of the St Mary’s LiteraryInstitute(Balmain) offered an open night on Tuesday. The program consisted of some entertaining extracts on the topic of strange dialects; there was an extract from Mr Sothern’s brand-new poem of Zepyrus, a pianoforte solo, and bass tune, which was carefully rendered. The glees were not so effective as typical, owing, doubtless, to the severe frequency of colds at today time. A rattle on through the Rocks . . . There was a suspicious looking tumble-down wood structure on the west side ofthe street, behind which I might observe plant life of some kind. It had a gate leading into a dank unwholesome yard scattered with damaged bottles, brick-bats, iron hoops, and little cinder stacks, through which small creeks threaded their method up until they signed up with each other, and vanished under your home, which was much listed below the street.

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