Inspecting ones and 2s to echo

While Caroline Davies of Annandale does not keep in mind purchasing bags of damaged biscuits (C8) as a kid, she would absolutely want to rush throughout a hectic highway to purchase some today. Due to the fact that, as all of us understand, damaged biscuits consist of no calories. Like pieces of cake, damaged bars of chocolates and scoops of ice cream. Richard Hale of

Paddington is more than pleased for Paul James to declare 12/1/22 as International Noise Inspect Day(C8)if he enables an echo on 12/12/22. Peter Miniutti of Ashbury observes that if you Google upside-down dates (C8)you get a long list of extremely good cake recipes. More intra-family numeracy( C8 ). My very first grandchild was

born upon 1. 11. 11, and my sis’s very first grandchild is due on 22. 2. 22, composes Charmaine Brinks of Newcastle. I have extremely pleasantly asked my niece if, in the pursuit of household custom, she might please be on time. Anne Robin of St Ives commemorates a near-miss.

Not just was I born in 1947 and my kid, James, born in 1974 (C8), however he was likewise due on my birthday. This double birthday was prevented by some kindly suggestions from the receptionist of my participating in obstetrician. Reasonable receptionist. It’s a lovely concept . . . for about 5 minutes, and after that you understand precisely what the ramifications are for both mom and kid for the rest of their lives. Ted Richards of Batemans Bay bears in mind that he saw his very first Column 8 in his grandpa’s copy of

the Herald when he was on vacations. I believed that I had actually missed out on the very first 7, and it was being consecutively numbered and tomorrow’s would be Column 9. Andrew Mowat of Beecroft lost his hunger after checking out Col Shephard’s description of a mask revealing a smiling mouth filled with

misshapen teeth( C8). It may have been amusing for some( guilty– Granny ), however it raised pictures of the honourable Sir Les Patterson’s slavering mouth filled with yellowing pegs. Certainly not something to consider over your cornflakes. Simply hope some entrepreneurial type does not take this as a hint to produce masks like this. Too late. After Lionel Latoszek of Long Jetty started seeing masks(C8 )with teeth, lips and often noses, he found masks portraying quickly recognisable well-known faces prevail on the interweb. There was Marilyn Monroe and Donald Trump to name a few. I was wishing to see Jim Carrey with the knockout set of teeth in The Mask. Unfortunately, no. No accessories, please. Include name, suburban area and daytime phone.

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