Mondayitis? Do not stress, it’s cancelled

My complimentary Flowers the Chemist 2021 calendar shocked me when searching for November 29th, states Mick Allen of Bathurst. It’s entirely missing out on, leaping from the 28th to the 30th. Wasn’t all that bad as I have absolutely nothing on for that day. Any person else missing out on a day? What a blight

on Blighty. The rot continues with Lord’s permitting members to eliminate their coats (C8), states Les Sisley of Bathurst: It began a couple of years ago when they presented tea bags followed by eliminating the concern of the rum provision for navy workers, followed by London’s police officers being enabled to eliminate their coats in summertime, AND to roll up their sleeves! I tremble to believe what’ll occur next. I will challenge Steve Talbot for his collection of hotel soaps (C8 )and Della Strathen for her collection of hotel pens till I remembered my collection of hotel ‘Do Not Disrupt ‘indications, states Brian Burfitt of Norwest. Rhoda Silber of Manly states that Della’s recollection triggered an evaluation of

my hotel pen collection: Dubai, Grindelwald, St Anton, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Shanghai. Terrific memories each one! No refills? ( C8)No concerns. Lyn Langtry of East Ryde reckons that dead ballpoint pens make exceptional

markers in the garden. The position of every bulb is understood and the pens ‘ultimate journey to land fill is delayed. The newest, election jukebox contribution(C8 )originates from Peter Snowden of Orange: Can I recommend Paul McCartney and Wings with Hope on Deliverance! . ? . ! ? Appropriate, as we are welcomed daily by pre-election guarantees(and dangers)by that person in the high vis and construction hat. Next is Don Thompson of RunningStream who’s chosen to provide the general delivery a miss out on in the meantime and provides George Harrison’s Piggies. Off The White Album, of course. While Sally Spurr of Lane Cove believes 3 Lengths of Tube for Protection(C8 )need to be for somebody with truly long legs, David Hastings of Thorneside informs us it’s a guideline to sign up with 3 canvas pipes to the hydrant

to be able to reach any blaze on the residential or commercial property. And the number of non-firies would understand that the red ‘H’ on a white placard discovered on a power pole then indicates the street hydrant, which the number under the’H’ is the range in metres to a hydrant, generally concealed under grass(Winston Hills), or a parked cars and truck(Dee Why)? [email protected] com. au! . ? . ! No accessories, please. Consist of name, suburban area and daytime phone

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