Never ever mind the astrological blather, the acts were the genuine stars


Oracle ★ ★ ★
Play house, January 5-8

Oracle was a throbbing, high-energy revue with aerial circus acts, burlesque dance numbers and a lot of blather about the mythological origins of the indications of the zodiac. The night

included, to name a few, Keeva Svikart as a belly-dancing Anubis, burlesque entertainer Bettie Bombshell as a fire-eating Hercules and Andrea James Lui as a pole-dancing satyr. Reed Kelly and Jack Dawson– likewise called the 2 Fathoms of Cirque du Soleil popularity– carried out an aerial straps act of jaw-dropping difficulty. Emily Chilvers had the audience holding its cumulative breath throughout a corde lisse rope regimen that had her dangling high over the front 2 rows. And circus artist Adam Malone impressed with his golden hoops. He made a couple of fluffs on Friday night

however got directly back on the horse and ended up strongly. Dancer and choreographer Rhys Bobridge, in a boylesque tribute to Ganymede, turned himself into a hot mixed drink olive, sprinkling about in an extra-large martini glass. And Jazmin Varlet, as the oracle incarnate, wafted about the phase, threading the acts together with a warble expressive of destroyed temples in desert landscapes. She likewise presented each brand-new turn with a paragraph of mythological backstory intoned with high-camp severity and accompanied by more wafting The outfits– kinky caricatures of strappy ancient world activewear– popped. Oracle had plenty of shining skill and impressive kitsch, and it didn’t feel comfortable in the Arts Centre Play House, where the environment is constantly rather frowsy. But congratulations to Bass Fam– the program’s entrepreneurial director, designer and manufacturer– for offering another big-stage chance for these acts. With its wrappings of astrological tradition and its industrial nouveau cirque visual, Oracle will not attract everybody. However there are a lot of stars worth looking at

in this pulsating zodiac. A cultural guide to heading out and caring your city.

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