New high-frequency bus service could link Brisbane’s north and south

A new high-frequency bus route to connect Brisbane’s north and south sides ahead of the Olympic Games in 2032 has been submitted for state approval.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said the business case for a potential Gold CityGlider had been completed and submitted to Translink for consideration.

The proposed route stretches from Hamilton in Brisbane’s north to Woolloongabba in the south, and would involve services every 10 minutes during weekday peaks and every 15 minutes off-peak from 5am to midnight.

Commuters currently have access to 10-15 minute services with the Blue CityGlider and Maroon CityGlider.

In the past 12 months, Northshore Hamilton has been confirmed as the main athletes’ village for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and the Gabba as the main stadium, Schrinner said.

The proposed bus route would connect these two Games venues via the growing RNA precinct, as well as the popular riverside destinations of Dexus and Queen’s Wharf.

We have had previous success with implementing high-frequency glider-style bus services in the inner suburbs and hope the Gold CityGlider can be the next addition.

The business case confirmed the service would meet demand in the growth areas of Northshore Hamilton and Bowen Hills.

It was also identified as a valuable distributor service from the Albert Street Cross River Rail station, Civic Cabinet Chair for Transport Ryan Murphy said.

But council Opposition Leader Jared Cassidy said Brisbane residents were facing the threat of public transport cuts, and suburbs were suffering.

Adrian Schrinner and the LNP are set to undertake an entire bus network review, which will mean more cuts to services, he said.

We all saw what happened when the LNP mayor conducted a review of Brisbane’s ferry services – multiple terminals were closed permanently without warning and commuters were left stranded.

Instead of reannouncing a shiny golden bus that doesn’t exist yet, the LNP council needs to come clean to the people of Brisbane and tell residents which suburban bus services they are planning to cut to fund this new inner-city Olympic service.

The council budget will be handed down on Wednesday.

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