Q&A with player-turned-Australian Open analyst Casey Dellacqua

Q&A with player-turned-Australian Open analyst Casey Dellacqua

The length of time have you remained in the commentary game? I retired from expert tennis about 3 years back, and I went directly into commentary. This’ll be my 3rd year with Channel 9. It’s been an actually terrific shift from playing. Three years in, how do you feel about the job? What I enjoy about commentating is informing individuals resting on the sofa in your home about tennis, and I like attempting to make it seem like I’m sitting with them and discussing the video game. I believe that’s the method I set about my commentary: I enjoy my sport, played it considering that I was a little woman and I keep in mind getting up in the middle of the night to enjoy Wimbledon. So now to have the chance to commentate and let individuals listen to me inform them on the sport that I like is something that I actually enjoy doing. Was it a high knowing curve for you when you ended up playing and entered the box? Yeah, definitely. I had a great deal of coaches around

me to offer me suggestions of the trade. I’m relatively Australian in regards to the manner in which I speak and the manner in which I tackle it, so I believe simply fine-tuning the method I get my message throughout has actually been something that I have actually needed to discover. Then it’s certainly various when you remain in the commentary box instead of being out there on the court. However I believe the advantage of having actually been a gamer remains in being understanding towards the gamer and how they’re feeling. You can ideally make use of your experience and relay that to the general public. So it’s been a truly high knowing curve, however I constantly wished to attempt the commentary path when I completed playing. The commentary I actually take pleasure in: the on-court interviews have actually been something that’s possibly a bit more stressful– marching on the court and having the chance to talk to Rafa and Roger and all the greats of the game. Is it more stressful to march on the court to talk to somebody than it was to march on the court to play? Yeah, it is, to be truthful. I would much choose to be on the other end of the microphone being asked the concerns than being the one asking the professional athlete concerns and getting the action out of them. I have actually truly needed to prepare my concerns prior to I abandon the court. Likewise listening is actually crucial: when the professional athlete provides a response, [one has] to actually listen so you have a follow-up concern. Now 3 years in I’m beginning to discover my feet and I believe it’s been something that’s been, like any task, a finding out experience. When viewing the video game, do you ever get the desire to run back out there and play? I believe when I initially completed I certainly did feel the adrenalin of being a rival, and of being out there on the court, and especially in Australia: when you

‘re an Australian there’s something about abandoning the court and sensation like you
have actually got the entire nation behind you. It’s an actually good sensation, and it truly just occurs throughout January due to the fact that you’re away for the remainder of the year. So I missed out on that, initially. But you’re more at peace now? Someone in fact informed me it takes about 3 years to seem like you’re totally retired from the video game. I seem like I’m at that point now, I seem like I have actually sort of distanced myself from Casey the tennis gamer to my expert life. I seem like I have actually had my chances in tennis and now it has to do with returning to the sport that’s offered me a lot. I’m quite content with viewing matches and having the ability to go have a beer afterwards. Do you believe the general public can be a bit too hard on gamers– especially Australian players? Yeah, I believe there’s an expectation that the general public desires Australian gamers to do well. When I’m enjoying Australian sport, what I like to see is our professional athletes simply actually offer it their finest, and do it with stability and do it with grace. You can’t do far more than that, can you? I believe that’s why

in commentary I like to speak with mindset and body movement and how they are out on the court. I believe that’s the message I attempt to communicate in tennis especially: someone wins the competition, so you’re ensured to get a great deal of gamers who lose throughout. You need to put point of view on it for the public, however in the very same breath I believe it is essential our professional athletes display their finest efficiencies, for themselves. Casey Dellacqua becomes part of Channel 9’s commentary group for the Australian Open 2022 from Monday. Channel 9 likewise owns this masthead. Find out the next television, streaming series and motion pictures to contribute to your must-sees. provided every Thursday.

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