Reaction versus Palmer and his United Australia Celebration advertising campaign

A Labor-aligned union has actually taken objective at Clive Palmer’s management of Queensland Nickel as the billionaire business owner preserves his celebration’s high profile in the campaign. Palmer’s continues to

run paper, online and broadcast ads and signboards in particular yellow. Some current print advertisements have actually been changed to blue in an effort to plant seeds of Liberal Celebration disunity. For months, the signboards have actually been under attack through the assistance of a cumulative called AdJackers, pressing back at what it has actually identified a #YellowStain. AdJackers did not react to ask for comment. A spokesperson for Palmer informed Brisbane Times authorities in NSW were examining the attacks, nevertheless

he did not supply adequate info for NSW authorities to confirm. While AdJackers is now targeting anybody connected to Palmer, consisting of through choices, the UAP is still ballot in the low single

digits. On Monday, the Australian Employees’Union released a brand-new video vital of Palmer’s management of the Queensland Nickel plant in an effort to discourage blue-collar citizens from supporting him. After the collapse of Queensland Nickel and the battle employees needed to go through to get their privileges, numerous were silenced with rigorous non-disparagement provisions– not precisely’flexibility’, AWU nationwide secretary Daniel Walton said. We understand the UAP has actually succeeded in getting assistance in local seats, and I do not blame blue-collar employees for a 2nd if they’re trying to find an option from politics as usual. But the reality of the matter is Clive simply ain’t

it. He is no good friend of the worker. Palmer-who would be treasurer in a not likely UAP federal government, led by prime minister Craig Kelly -continues to project versus the significant celebrations.

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