Repairing to get those unfavorable calories

Discovering conversation around the traps just recently about swimming lessons, and the absence thereof, David Witney of Pottsville was advised of his Irish granny’s unassailable reasoning. She utilized to state to the kids, ‘Do not be going near the water till you can swim! ‘ It sounds so basic, yet . . .

Following on from Caroline Davies’ dash for the unfavorable calorie advantages of damaged foods (C8), Jenny Mooney of Karuah remembers that she was informed years ago that choc tops and chocolate-coated almonds at the motion pictures likewise undergo this magic. They belong to the movie theater experience and for that reason do not count as food. Likewise, Barbara Ryan of Caringbah South securely asserts that there are no calories in food consumed while standing in front of an open refrigerator, or anything left on the kids’ plates. Although Barry Riley of Woy could not manage biscuits of any kind as kid in the ′ 40s, he and his pals had a good time asking individuals if they had any damaged biscuits (C8 ). If the response was yes, we ‘d shout ‘Well, repair them! ‘and escape laughing. All the talk of misshapen and discoloured teeth on masks( C8) advised Neil Brough of Seaforth of a previous work associate whose teeth were so terribly discoloured that it was stated of him that he just required a white one to have a snooker set. When he proposed a competitors for the most dull activity throughout lockdown, Col Begg of Orange states he had no concept that

Granny would surpass his hand with the proposition to figure out the variety of today’s column if they had actually been consecutively numbered from Column 1. Touché Granny! Now where’s my calculator? Allan Gibson of Cherrybrook and Alan Blow of Hobart both astutely explained that the reporters’strike of 1967 requirements to be part of any numeration(

C8). It most definitely does. So, Granny did the compassion of looking for you, and can verify that there was no Column 8 from August 5 to 18 of 1967, with the column resuming its rightful put on the front page for the August 19 edition. While the numerically likely, and those who simply required a brand-new personal-responsibility-lockdown activity, continue to overcome their estimations for a precise response to the Column 8 editions concern(C8 ), there will constantly be those who increase to the obstacle in, will we state, the spirit of the column. Garry Champ of Jamisontown, with aid from Reflection, provides his response. 42. No accessories, please. Include name, suburban area and daytime phone.

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