Two minutes with Danny Katz: Will my T-shirt’s ‘Q’ design cue conspiracy theories?

Q. I was given a Good Weekend Quiz T-shirt for a birthday gift since I enjoy doing The Quiz on Saturday mornings. However, the T-shirt features a large Q on the front. Will people suspect me of endorsing crazy, right-wing conspiracy theories?
S. R. , Surrey Hills, Vic

A: You’re right, the logo is a large Q being carried by a man. And if I’m not very much mistaken, the man looks a bit like … Hunter Biden.

Actually, if you take a closer look, he appears to be wearing … a commie Chairman Mao cap.

So, the logo seems to suggest that Hunter Biden is colluding with the Chinese government to build bioweapons labs in Eastern Europe that are being financed by Hillary Clinton and an elite global cabal of satanic cannibals.

Man, it’s so obvious when you stop and pay attention.

Seriously, I wouldn’t be too worried about your Q-logo T-shirt making you look like a fanatical nutter: I’ve met some of you quizzers and you’re way more nutty, with your religious, Saturday-morning quiz sessions and your rabid arguments over whether you should get quarter-points for knowing the name of one of the four countries that border Belgium.

And your sneaky way of peeking at the answers directly beside my column like you’re doing right now. Stop it. I know you’re doing it. Just stop. I say, wear your T-shirt with pride.

The Good Weekend Quiz is so universally beloved, it’s probably more likely that QAnon conspiracists are getting mistaken for quizzers.

They’ll be marching in one of their alt-right rallies and a passer-by will yell out, Hey, you’re wearing a Q! How’d you go last week? I got 19!

And the QAnon conspiracist will probably stop and shout back, Got 22. Stumped by the Bowie question. Music is my blind spot!

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