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Top 20 Terrifying Real Life Haunted Dolls You have Seen

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  • What is the scariest puppet in the world?
  • What is the Robert doll curse?
  • Is the movie Robert Based on a true story?
  • Is Robert the Doll on Netflix?

Many people around the world share a common fear- they’re terrified of dolls. In fact, many believe that dolls are secretly creepy. They see how lifelike they are, and think they’re capable of movement and thinking on their own. Most people avoid rooms with dolls in them at night, and some have even died from staying in a room with a doll. However, these fears have no basis in reality.

Sure, many people find dolls creepy, but that’s because they’re so realistic. But that realism can also make them dangerous if you’re unaware of how they work.

Most people think that dolls are creepy due to their realistic appearance. They’re also trouble if you buy one as a toy for your child to play with. Many toys are sold as interactive, but they actually just respond to your commands when you speak to them.

However, some dolls can move on their own when wind blows or if they’re jostled. Plus, some can actually speak when wound up right. That’s what makes dolls so frightening- they seem like harmless toys until something unexpected happens.

Realistic dolls are also a growing market. There are now more than 20 variations of the doll named ‘Ezra’ on alone.

That includes zombie and alien dolls, both in preposterous human form and with animal characteristics. There’s even a doll based on the movie ‘Frozen’ called ‘Elsa.’ The movie character is also human and mermaid-like, so she bears a resemblance to the movie’s lead character, Elsa.

About Dolls

Both dolls come with their own stand so you can pose them for pictures and more. And both have a backstory- Elsa is from an ice castle and lives in isolation due to her powers. She’s considered dangerous by others because she can freeze things without realizing it. Dolls are becoming more realistic all the time; it’s up to us to understand how to handle these dangerous toys when unexpected things happen.

Many people fear that dolls come to life at night and attack them. They think the dolls come alive and chase them down while they’re sleeping. This is more common with scary looking dolls like those found at Halloween shops.

Many stores sell ‘haunted’ items every Halloween season, with most of their stock coming from mass produced imported Chinese scare items from several years prior. Some of these items have been reported by customers as frighteningly moving on their own while being sold in retail spaces during the dead of night.

Customers’ complaints Haunted Dolls

This has led to some retailers pulling out stock due to customers’ complaints about various frightening albeit non-functional haunted doll items being secretly sold within the confines of the retail environment during nights/weekends when few were venturing into the retail environment for fear of what might be occurring within those dread constrictions upon which venturing had not been left entirely off due to fear or because venturing had not been left off altogether but was accomplished via expedient transport or via other means but had happened anyway regardless due to which way one found.

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